Meet Neum and its beautiful bay of Neum-Klek

Rich offer of Neum

Neum as the town is at first glance very simple - the sea and the beach ... and the sun. But the great location on the southern Adriatic always makes it interesting. There is room for everyone ... there are noisy and overcrowded beaches, full of moving, young people and fun, and there are also the beaches "for which no one knows" where you can enjoy in solitude.

City of Neum

It is especially pleasant to go to the town in the evening – to experience a little bit of liveliness and fun before bedtime. We suggest that you explore the coast of Neum and find hidden beaches with view of the beautiful starry sky, and that cannot be seen in the city.

The town of Neum is located in the Gulf of Neum - Klek on the main road Split and Dubrovnik, and 150 km away from Split, 75 km from Makarska and 60 km from Dubrovnik, and near the highway Dalmatina. Regarding the traffic, it is well connected with the interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and the countries of Central and Western Europe. Neum is 75 km away from Dubrovnik airport, 70 km from Mostar airport, and 30 km from the railway station Ploče and Metković. Thus, Neum is connected to big centers in the country and abroad by air, and it has all possibilities for active tourism throughout the year.

Gastro Offer

A fish is highly valued for its quality and taste, and the shells that it is best to try and then talk about them ... With it there goes some other specialties: white wine, herb-flavored brandy, domestic prosseco.

During the summer the traditional Ethno Neum Festival is held and then the traditional Herzegovinian music is played and traditional dances are danced. At that time the town is full of tourists and various musicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia the world and the whole town square - Marketplace and the whole town is dancing! Rhythm is very characteristic and simple so the tourists are delighted because they can learn the steps immediately.
Close to the apartments there is a great treasure: a healing mud. This is the area of shallow waters on the bottom of which is rich in deposits of the healing mud. This natural wealth is used for treating rheumatic diseases, and various dermatological diseases. The mud is applied to the affected area and allow to dry harden in the sun.


On the beach area on a daily basis a variety of animation (aqua aerobics, morning gymnastics, etc.) and other forms of entertainment are organized, and in the evening there are the animation, entertainment and music programs for children and adults ("Miss of the beach", "Karaoke", "Fishermen evenings" mini-disco for the youngest, etc.).

There is also a disco on the premises of a hotel Neum, while the town has bars that are open until late at night. On main beach you can often hear the song with the guitar. For those looking for quieter entertainment, walking can be quite magnificent and exciting. On the waterfront there are many stands with a variety of sea stuff and authentic souvenirs.
In one of those evenings when the water polo team plays as a host, you can enjoy interesting games under the spotlights. And if you simply want to sit on the coast or the sea and drink something refreshing, it is also possible. Finally, sipping wine in the taverns hidden in the shade is a special atmosphere. Good sub cooled local taverns are a real pleasure after a hot summer day.


The opportunities for sporting activities the town has in abundance. In the immediate vicinity of the town's main beach is a water polo club.
For those who love the challenges that nature provides, there is a regulated bicycle trail along the shore. To passionate bikers we especially recommend May, June and September as the months in which they can enjoy the charms of nature and the mountain roads because there is no excessive heat. From water sports the carefree swimming in the cove with views of the surrounding hills is particularly magical, especially in the morning peace.

Those who are eager to surf on the board will enjoy the afternoon breeze and occasional summer boras. If you're eager to a little bit of adrenaline, you can rent a jet-ski, or reboot the paraglide high above the bay and enjoy the beauty of the bay. Also the submarine world is full of life, so that those with the desire for free diving or with bottles will not remain deprived of enjoying the azure depths.