We recommend that you visit some of the destinations we represent


Mostar is a city of sun and green, a contrast town, wide streets and narrow streets, traditional Kujundžiluka and modern center, a town of tradition and culture.


After 1981.g. Medjugorje becomes the most famous and most visited pilgrimage site and sanctuary in this part of Europe visited by millions of pilgrims.


Počitelj is a historical settlement of oriental-Mediterranean character located in the valley of the Neretva River and one of the most beautiful cultural units in BiH.


Birdlife nature park in the south of BH rich in swampy plants. It is a swamp that is created by the processes of the underwater water system of the Krupa River.


The Žitomislić Monastery is one of the most important Orthodox monasteries of Herzegovina from the 16th century, dedicated to the Blessing of the Holy Virgin.


The source of the River Buna, the largest in Europe, from where it rises below a cliff over several hundred meters. 43 cc of water per second emerged from the source.


Enjoy wonderful impressions of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities. Fantastic moments of photography, and the motives you capture are always amazing again.


Mljet is for many tourists one of the islands lost in the open sea. Do not allow the landscape, from the Odyssey stories and remains unrecognizable for you.


Peninsula Peljesac is next to the Istrian peninsula, the largest on the Adriatic coast. Peljesac owes equally to churches and noble villas, and excellent red wines.


The Nassau Delta Nautical Archipelago 25 km - Excursion to the Neretva River, a ride to the traditional Neretva valley of the Neretva Delta with a rich fish picnic.


Ston 20 km - famous for solanums and oyster farming. The coastline along the canals and in the Prapratno are suitable for swimming, fishing and underwater fishing.


The island was inhabited in prehistoric times, confirming numerous finds. In the capital of Korcula, a house believed to have been born in Marko Polo 1254.